ProtectFile software provides data security with fully automated file encryption of unstructured data contained in network drives and file servers.

When an organization knows their confidential data is protected from both external and internal threats, they can focus on growth, gain knowledge
through secured collaboration, and enjoy an increase in productivity.

transparent encryption

Centralized Administration 

ProtectFile is deployed in tandem with KeySecure, offering an unparalleled combination of broad coverage, robust security, and scalability.
The solution encrypts sensitive data in flat files such as documents, spreadsheets, and design drawing. Keys and policies are managed on
the KeySecure appliance, boosting security and business productivity.

Transparent to Users
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With ProtectFile, folder and file encryption is seamless and transparent, so there is no disruption to the business operations, performance,
or the end user experience. Once a user has been successfully authenticated, ProtectFile is initiated automatically, applying policies without
interfering with productivity.

Product Features

Intelligence transparent encryption/decryption:
The whole process of encryption and decryption is transparent to users. No change in working habit.
Content security protection:
Prevent information disclosure by multiple methods, including: copy, drag & drop, screenshot record, print or save as, etc.
Notification of workflow:
Support notification of each node in workflow. Support the pup-up message in client, email, and etc.
By adding watermark of security warning and copyright information to reduce the risk of secret data loss by screen record and print.
Open policies library:
User can define the security policies according to the requirements of business and management. The open, flexible policies configuration can reduce the cost of maintenance.
Unified identity authentication:
SmartSec supports seamless integration with the unified identity authentication platforms which based on LDAP or OPENLDAP (AD, ED, TDS, and etc.)
Offline working support:
SmartSec provides offline work mode including the functions of offline approval, policies pre-configuration and offline rights duration extension, and etc.
Work mode switch:
SmartSec provides both cipher text mode and plain text mode. User can handle the business work in cipher text mode, and handle the personal affair in plain text mode.
PC ports protection:
SmartSec provides forced encryption in data transfer by ports including USB, CD-R, soft disk driver and other computer peripherals, to prevent the information disclosure.
Elaborate log audit:
SmartSec provides log audit for all the operations, modifications, and changes of rights management of encrypted document during the whole life circle, and supports Query, Export and Backup the logs.
Integrate and extend:
SmartSec can integrate with document encryption gateway FNS9000 and application access control gateway APS, to collaboratively work with the third party application systems.
Other functions:
SmartSec provides remote maintenance, dynamic management of client tray, client message management, and remote file backup in client, which can improve system usability and reduce maintenance cost.

Application Environment

Esafenet SmartSec is widely used in government departments, army, also in industries such as software development, communication, machinery manufacturing, electronic and Electrical Design Institute, especially in the field with high security requirements, software development and professional design, with rich experience and successful cases.


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