File Monitoring and Auditing

file monitoring software that will help you determine who is reading from and writing to important files. It can tell you when a new file or folder is created or renamed. And, with our file watcher, when a file or folder gets deleted, System can tell you who did it and what computer they did it from (IP address and computer name).

Server File Monitor System
System can send alert anytime when a user reads more than X amount of data (a number of files, or an amount of data) in Y amount of time. For example, it's unlikely that a user would open and read 50 Word documents in a one minute period of time. So if 50 Word documents are read by a single user within 1 minute, you have a pretty good guess that a directory copy just took place.
Server Files Monitor System

File Auditing Features

File Monitoring:

  • All files or just a subset
  • File and folder creation, deletion, access (reads), changes (writes)
  • File and folder permission changes
  • Successful actions and well as failures
  • Real-time monitoring that does not require enabling system audit events

Alert Details:

  • User account, including domain
  • User IP address and computer name
  • Target file and folder
  • Activity that was done to the file (read, write, delete, ...)
  • Date and time of action

Notification Responses:

  • Email message
  • SMS text message
  • SNPP pager, etc.
  • Record to a log file
  • Run a program

Reporting (Ultra edition only):

  • Report on specific users, files or activity (file delete for example)
  • Report on specific time range
  • Configurable data retention period
  • Reports in text, HTML, .CSV or PDF formats