mputer and Employee Monitoring Software

EAM (Employee Activity Monitor)

Your rusted technology partner to ensure better employee monitoring and computer monitoring. We have developed 360 Degrees computer monitoring software that is advanced enough to ensure better computer surveillance and record every computer activities.

Our core team of professional software developers in a tune with programmers and testing experts has churned out spy software and advanced employee monitoring software. Not forget to mention its name as a latest and trusted computer monitoring software that helps in recovering every activity done over computer, tracking email and web mail, online storage usage, website search history, download and uploading details, program usage and time, and a lot more.

Being one of the best ways of tracking employee's record and to keep your important data protected, centralized computer monitoring software brings you:

Centralized Computer Monitoring Software

Details of FTP file transfer, file downloads and uploads and program usage

Disclosing the time of any program and software used

Real Time alerts, support remote controlling of system, keyword alerts

Discloses the deleted history records, saved passwords and even track the keyboard's keys used.

There are numerous added benefits of having installation of such advanced and amazing software. Our  EAM or Employee Activity Monitor software is a centralized system that has become a miracle for large enterprises, businesses of all domains and stores to keep important data protected.

It is also helpful in tracking employees working hours and detecting as well as terminating all internal unfavorable factors to protect confidential business information.

Staff Monitor

Online Monitoring    
Visited Websites  
Accessed URLs  
Online Searches  
Online Downloads  
Instant Messages/Chat  
Skype File Transfer  
Sent/Received Email  
Email Attachments  
FTP File Transfer  
Online Storage  
Network Traffic Monitoring & Statistics  
PC Tracking & Management    
Keylogger (sorted by different applications)  
Screenshot Recorder  
Screenshot Recorder (sorted by different applications)  
File Activity Recorder  
File Activity Recorder (sorted by different types)  
Print Job Monitor  
Print Job Contents Screenshots  
Clipboard Monitor  
Clipboard Monitor (sorted by different APPs)  
Usb Disk Monitor  
Website Time Tracker  
Used Applications  
Used Applications (sorted by different types)  
Application Time Tracker  
Keyword Detector  
Real-Time Alerts  
Remote Camera Monitor  
Automatically Backing Up Edited Files (customizable file type and file size)  
Centralized Managing Module  
Remote File Managment  
Remote Task Manager  
Hardware and Software Asset Management  
Share Folder Management  
IP Address Viewer  
Autorun Item Management  
Software Installation/Uninstallation History  
Uninstall Software Remotely  
Remote Screen Lock  
Remote Control of Screen Saver  
Remote Restart/Shut Down/Log Off  
Remote Command  
Live Remote Desktop & Control    
Multiple Live Remote Desktops (up to 32 screens in one window)  
Remote Desktop & Keyborad and Mouse Control  
Filtering & Blocking    
Website Filtering & Blocking  
Social Network Blocking  
Webmail Blocking  
Keyword Blocking  
Application Blocking  
Portable Drive Blocking  
Gaming Blocking  
Website Blocking in Specific Time Sections  
Application Blocking in Specific Time Sections  
Real-time Alerts(Send Alerts to Manager's PC)    
Agent Starts Running  
Removable Disk Connected/Disconnected  
File Activities On Removable Disk  
File Copy/Move  
Document Printing  
File Downdoalding from Website  
File Transfer from/to FTP  
User Trying to Run a Blocked Program  
User Trying to Visite a Blocked Website  
Network Traffic Exceeds Maximum  
Keyword Detected  
Reporting Methods    
More than 40 Kinds of Build-in Reports  
Graphical Charts  
Visual Statistics and Analysis  
Top 20 Reports  
Search Capabilities  
Comprehensive HTML Reports  
Other Features    
Centralized Management Console  
Remote Management  
Remote Control(Control remote computer's mouse and keyboard)  
Send Instant Message to Remote User  
Send File to Remote User  
Get File from Remote PC  
Remote Agent Installation  
Audit Company Software Asset  
Audit Company Hardware Asset  
Centralized Database  
Stealth Mode  
Password Protection  
Multi User Account  
Limited User Account  
Database Backup  
Offline/Online Computer Monitoring  
Licensing & Support    
Min Licenses Purchase Required 5  
Upgrades one year  
Tech Support  
Operating Systems    
Windows 8/8.1 (32 & 64 bit)  
Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)  
Windows Vista (32 & 64 bit)  
Windows Server 2008 (32 & 64 bit)  
Windows Server 2003  
Windows 2000  

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