Photo Scanning
Preserve your precious memories with our professional photo, slide, and negative scanning services

Our services include:

Slide Scanning: We specialise in scanning 35mm slides and other formats, converting them into clear, high-quality digital images. Our slide scanning service is perfect for preserving and sharing your memories with family and friends.

Negative Scanning: Our negative scanning service allows you to digitise your old film negatives, creating stunning digital images that can be easily stored, shared, and edited. We support various film formats, including 35mm, medium format, and large format negatives.

Photo Scanning: Our experts use state-of-the-art equipment to carefully scan your printed photographs and convert them into high-resolution digital images, ensuring that every detail is preserved.



   1~100 photos  101~1000 photos   Above 1001 photos
Photo  HKD$2.00/photo   HKD$ 1.8/photo  HKD$1.5/photo
Photo album  HKD$2.50/photo    HKD$2.2/ photo  HKD$2.0/photo 
 Upload Method      
GOOGLE Drive $70 $70  $70
USB (With USB Drive) $100  $100  $100