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Hotels, Cafe's and Bars are faced with an increasing demand for a guest and visitor connectivity throughout the entire premises; guest rooms, restaurants, lobbies, outdoor areas. Having the ability to offer an internet access service will give you the opportunity to increase your visitors by offering FREE access, paid or both.
But how to prevent large number of users watch video simultaneously?
Prevent users who download illegal music, movies and TV shows?
Free Internet make guest stay too long ?
Marketing Promotion by free internet access?

            Hotel Cafe Restaurant Wifi System         Hotel Cafe Restaurant Wifi System           Hotel Cafe Restaurant Wifi System 
 WiFi system is the most requested
amenity by hotel guests.2
 94% of guests said WiFi is
important when booking.2
 And yet, WiFi is still the top
issue of guest complaints.2

Insight hotel WiFi Hotspots function :
-    Limitation of free internet access time
-    Internet access billing system
-    Guest Network Isolation
     (Prevent infected computer attack network system)
-    VIP database , VIP can access internet without any limitation
-    Web Site Authentication
     (redirect user to system login screen after WiFi Connected )
-    Guest Agreement screen
-    Limiting guests to a certain amount of bandwidth
-    Each user connections limiting
-    Email Recording
-    Web Site Filter
-    Customization of login screen
-    Statement Printer for dynamic account creation
-    Access website log
-    Idle user disconnect automatically
-    User login information logging

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