Data Erasur Data Recover hard disk repair 鏁告摎閵锋瘈 鏁告摎鎭㈠京

In this digital era, information is stored in media that are prone to damage, worn out and failure.聽 Failed media, however, do not necessarily mean the data being kept inside is un-recoverable. Information spies scavenge from dumping grounds to make good profits out of your obsolete storage media by, for example, selling them to your business competitors, thereby harming your business.聽 What can you do to prevent this situation from occuring whenever you are about to dispose your storage media?

It is almost impossible to remove all information on your hard drive with the structure and functionality of the operative systems currently available. Format, fdisk and delete commands do NOT remove information stored on your computer. These commands only alter the structure of the drive, leaving most of the data intact and recoverable with available software tools.

Data Erasur Data Recover hard disk repair 鏁告摎閵锋瘈 鏁告摎鎭㈠京
When disposing used PCs and hard drives
When transferring a PC from one user to another
When customer data must be removed to meet government regulations

Data Erasur Data Recover hard disk repair 鏁告摎閵锋瘈 鏁告摎鎭㈠京
As the recognized leader in data recovery, INSIGHT applies that expertise to help you ensure the security of your most critical data.

Insight Eraser software is an easy-to-use, highly flexible data erasure tool that erases all traces of data stored on a working hard聽drives - ensuring that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands.聽Insight Eraser software complies with US DoD standard 5220.22M, meaning that the data being erased is not recoverable.

Traditional tools only touch the surface, but Insight Eraser software enters the core and erases 100% of the information on your hard disk.聽 Now it is finally safe to dispose of equipment without losing track of sensitive data.

Data Erasur Data Recover hard disk repair 鏁告摎閵锋瘈 鏁告摎鎭㈠京
Can handle all types of hard drives, including servers, notebooks and desktop computers
Independent of BIOS and OS, erase 100% of the information on the hard drive
Overwrite and encrypt on each bit for 1-99 times
Remove all information stored, including the operating system and the partition table; the hard drive is put in a initial state similar to how it is when it is new from the factory
The information destroyed shall not be recoverable
The erased hard drive can be reused
Can be dealt with the following media
Hard disks, Micro drive, RAID, SSD (Solid State Disk)etc

Data Erasur Data Recover hard disk repair 鏁告摎閵锋瘈 鏁告摎鎭㈠京
Data Terminator V is used to erase non-operational storage units, as well as removable magnetic media such as tapes and ZIP drives. The degausser erases media by applying a strong magnetic field. This destroys all information recorded on the unit, including calibration and servo information. Any media erased with the degausser will be destroyed together with the information on it.

To produce a magnetic field, the degausser use an electromagnet, which produces a magnetic field by passing current through a coil. To provide the large current necessary the degausser is equipped with a bank of sealed lead-acid batteries. The benefits of using DC-current like Kroll Ontrack DG02 though the coil instead of using AC-current are:

The user do not need to hold the media fixed into the magnetic field
The user do not need to use gloves for protecting the heat from the media when it is degaussed
The user do not need to be exposed for the magnetic field when using a remote control
Higher capacity, less than 4 seconds for erasing a hard drive
Higher current gives higher magnetic field



Data Erasur Data Recover hard disk repair 鏁告摎閵锋瘈 鏁告摎鎭㈠京Data Erasur Data Recover hard disk repair 鏁告摎閵锋瘈 鏁告摎鎭㈠京

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