Software License Audit

Software License Audit
Do you have a clear understanding of your software license purchases and deployment? Do you want to make sure that, with respect to software, your "house is in order"? Do you suspect your staff might have mis-deployed software and your company is in fact using unlicensed software? Do you simply want to have a peace of mind that comes with using legal software?

It's mandatory for organizations in Hong Kong to comply with copyright ordinance. The Program will help you to achieve compliance.

As a director or manager, you need to ensure that you protect your organization - and yourself - from potential criminal liability caused by employees who may be using illegal software within your organization. The Government has indicated that the law is now tougher, and it will be enforced. The last thing you don't want is for one disgruntled employee to file a complaint against you.

Oftentimes software asset management (SAM) can be challenging. This is especially true if your organization does not have an established process for tracking software licenses or usage, have experienced personnel change, or if you have a large number of PCs and laptops as inventory.

Take advantage of this service to get help with your software inventory, track your licenses and review your policies and procedures about software procurement and deployment, and much more.

Software License Audit
Recent amendments to copyright ordinance introduce tougher criminal liability for directors whose companies are found to be using infringing software; SAM can help to limit legal exposure.
You want an accurate license inventory which allows you to efficiently deploy software covered by existing licenses rather than purchasing new licenses if they are not needed.
You no longer want to spend money on software titles that are not necessary to your business.
You want to standardize software whenever possible to reduce incompatibility and communication issues leading to increased support time.
You want to take advantage of potential savings through a centralized software license acquisition resource.

Software License Audit
A well refined SAM programme requires awareness and support from all employees, but the ultimate responsibility rests with senior management. It is important for management to ensure that SAM is properly maintained and to show employees how SAM could streamline their daily work flow and avoid business risk incurred by illegal download.

Software License Audit
Minimise criminal liability exposure stemming from poor software licensing management
Faster, smoother mergers and acquisitions resulting from a centralized licensing system
Reduced costs for training individual managers
Faster response to market given a knowledge base of existing software applications
Increase employees’ morale through enhanced legal IT availability

Software License Audit
Learn about SAM:
On how to develop software inventory plans and optimize inventory management through proven techniques. Leverage report templates, checklists and other tools to help you to streamline software inventory process;
Know how to match software installations with licenses, how to locate license documentation and match it to installed software on each PCs
Know how to develop reviewing policies and procedures, define policy templates and process documents for ongoing review
Know how to establish an inventory schedule and SAM audit going forward



Software License Audit軟件 版權 管理

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