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In reality, severe IT problems are unlikely to happen among SMEs if their IT systems are maintained properly and regularly. What most SMEs need is basic system maintenance and more importantly, quick and responsive technical support during the course of technical difficulties. For other highly technical IT needs such as disaster handling, software development, system integration, e-commerce solution, or professional technical consultation, the IT support staff hired by most SMEs simply lack the expertise to provide any help.

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Expensive IT staffs stay idle most of the time
Insufficient support during difficult times (eg. large number of system malfunctions happening at the same time)
Regular IT support staffs cannot handle highly technical IT needs
Hard to evaluate the quality of their IT support staff
Good IT staffs switch jobs regularly

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Lower IT operating cost
Strong professional IT support team
High-quality professional consulting service
Leverage of the experience and technical specialties of the outsourcing provider
Outsourcing provider is responsible for the complicated IT professional management and training issues

Because of the outsourcing model, the high cost of a professional IT team is shared among a number of SMEs, and thus significantly lowered the cost. SMEs can now enjoy the professional service of a high-quality IT team with extremely affordable price. SMEs can stay away from the complexity of hiring and training IT staffs and focus on their business



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