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AR810 - 8外線錄音系統
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-8 Line Voice Logger AR810
-Modular multi-line voice logger system AF Series
-8-Line Standalone Voice Logger AR810
-Telephone USB Recorder Fonkorder1/2/4/8

AR810 1610 - 8/16外線錄音系統Product code:AR810 AR1610

Evolution of Digital Recording
All new AR series multi-channel recording system has made a change to the history of digital recording. Most of telephony recording systems you see out there at the market are built on industry-based computer with several voice recording cards. They are often taking huge spaces and pricy which result a big gap for non-business consumers. However, telephony recording system should be popularized to all levels of consumers at reasonable price and is an ultimate tool for any organization.

Modern Technology in Digital Age

Everything is digitalized and is transferable to any computer. Store the data either in hard drive or DVD for better storage-life. Send a copy of your recorded data via email is also a great way to confirm the detail of your phone conversation.

All-in-One Design
The all new AR series multi-channel recording system is an all-around telephony recording system. The system has built-in hard drive which allows all-day recording without turning the PC. Standard rack case provides you the convenience for both mounting in rack cell or just place in desk; whichever is perfect for your needs

Recording All-Around
Records each line’s incoming and outgoing phone number, start date and time, and talking duration and all-time recorded data. Build-in Caller-ID for incoming callers (even if your PBX does not have Caller-ID services included), AR series recording system still provide you the Caller-ID function.

Station Management Detail Recording.
Supports SMDR (Station Management Detail Recording). AR series multi-channel recording system can pull reports to show the origins of each call to distinguish each station’s activities.

Multi-Level Accounts
Provides multi-level accounts for management purposes. Assign as many users as you want. Administrator can assign its users for certain operating functions by the included management software.

Instant Monitoring Calls
Administrator allows to viewing all lines’ activities and instantly monitoring calls by the PC.

Non-recording Numbers
System can assign a special number; or a station number for non-recording purpose.

Secured Recording
All recording records are secure recorded for the highest security purpose. Only the authorized person who uses our recording software can retrieve the recorded data. Otherwise, the data is not playable even if anyone steals it.

Single Recording
If the system is not set to record any call, you can still record your current call at anytime before ending your call by entering your pre-defined recording id. For instance, you enter your pre-defined id “1122” during your call. After you finish your call, your previous call record is recorded in the system already!

Recording Declaration
User can pre-record your Recording Declaration for declaring the caller that this call is being recorded. This declaration will automatically play when the call is connected.

Meeting Recording
Purchase our AM2000 Audio Adapter for meeting recording. This combo records meeting sessions and manager’s speech easily. It is convenient to file the meeting records and to retrieve for other purposes. In addition, meeting records can be also transferred electronically.

Bigger Storage
Build-in 160G hard drive records up to 10,000 hours. AR series recording system can store about one and half (1.5) year of data with the usage of 8 station lines, 5 hours a day, and 5 days a week.

More Backup Options
You may: a.) use your USB external hard drive to backup your data, or b.) use LAN to backup to a certain hard drive in the same network, then burn onto a DVD.

More Connectivity Options
You may: a.) connect your PC to AR series recording directly by USB cables, or b.) connect with LAN and Internet. When you are away from your office, you are still in control of your recording system at anywhere via Internet.

Multi-Function Smart Search
Smart Search makes easy to lookup your needs. It automatically filters out the most in-appropriate recorded data for you by entering part of the incoming/outgoing caller numbers, station number, caller id, date and time and talk duration.

System Logger
System Logger creates logs of every action such as user login/logout and data recording/retrieving/editing/deleting. These actions will accurately save to System Logger. You may analysis users’ activities by this logger such as who’s doing data processing or doing any setting,

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AR400 - 4-Line Voice Logger
Discounted Price: Ask
line voice logger
for analog line. It is specially designed for trading firm,
stock agent, customer service centre.

AR400 - 四外線電話錄音機 Product code:AR400

AR400 – 4 Line Stand alone recording system

AR400, ARTECH brand new product, is the 4 line voice logger for analog line. It is specially designed for trading firm, stock agent, customer service centre.

Different from other AR series, AR400 supports SD card as storage media instead of HDD. All the functions can be operated directly by AR400 touch pad. Just click the screen, AR400 will guide you to the configuration, records searching, live monitoring and playback of the phone conversation.

AR400 can be controlled through LAN and internet, it accomplishes all the functions of AR family as well. Easy to install, no PC required, database system secured. AR400 is another solution for enterprises that require professional recording equipment.

l  Touch pad operation

l  Built-in SD card for large storage capacity, high speed for data transmission, easy to expand and portable for carrying

l  Database management, recording files can be searched or read conveniently

l  Works with normal analog phone, mobile phone and conference recording
Recording includes complete voice recording, start time and date, call in/out numbers

l  Search by telephone number, length, in/outbound, time, date

l  Compatible with PC for exporting recording files

l  Incoming caller ICON popup, support Outlook contact importation

l  Multi-authorization for user management, answering machine function, remote voicemail retrieval

Pls call (852) 2398-1908 or email to enquiry@insightHK.com for details
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