15 Mar 2021
全新ISO 27001 顧問服務

04 Apr 2020
Insight Web Design, 詳情請到此網址 https://www.insighthk.com/design

08 Jan 2020
Insight WiFi 系統服務正式上線, 詳情請到此網址 https://www.insighthk.com/wifi

30 Nov 2019
Insight Cyber Security 服務正式登陸, 詳情請参閱這網址 https://www.cyber-security.com.hk

28 Jun 2017
早前肆虐的勒索軟件WannaCry,由於只是針對Windows平台開發,令使用macOS的Mac機用戶可以安心隔岸觀火。「錯過」了WannaCry的Mac機用戶不用「失望」,最近有資訊安全公司Fortinet,就發現兩款專門針對macOS的勒索應用MacRansom及MacSpy,以勒索服務的形式出現在Deep Web當中。

這兩款勒索軟件出現在以黑客、電腦高手及資訊軟件保安人員為主要瀏覽對象的暗網Deep Web當中,而其中MacRansom並沒有在暗網中提供可下載的測試軟件,而是著有興趣使用他們服務的用戶去聯絡開發者商討。而在Fortinet的資安人員假扮買家聯絡MacRansom的開發者後,終於成功購買有關勒索軟件並進行分析


27 Jun 2017


11 Apr 2017

勒索病毒TorrentLocker 變種,利用 Dropbox 帳號散布       

    為何 TorrentLocker 勒索病毒最新變種,大多集中在平日出現,周末會暫時消失。上午 9 點至 10 點之間的感染數量會突然飆高?

TorrentLocker 勒索病毒在沉寂了好一陣子之後最近又開始活躍起來,出現了多個新的變種 ( RANSOM_CRYPTLOCK.DLFLVV、RANSOM_CRYPTLOCK.DLFLVW、RANSOM_CRYPTLOCK.DLFLVS 及 RANSOM_CRYPTLOCK.DLFLVU)。這些新的變種會利用 Dropbox 帳號來散布,印證了我們的 2017 年預測:勒索病毒將持續演化出新的攻擊管道。


假冒供應商,寄送含Dropbox 連結的發票下載點


比方說,新的 TorrentLocker 變種在攻擊時,會先假冒受害者的供應商,用電子郵件寄一份發票給受害者。而這份「發票」不是隨信附上,而是透過一個 Dropbox 連結來下載。除此之外,為了增加郵件的真實性,郵件內容還包含了帳單、發票和帳戶編號等資訊。TorrentLocker之所以使用 Dropbox 連結,就是為了躲過郵件閘道防護產品的偵測,因為郵件當中不含附件,而是使用指向正派網站的連結。

AV-TEST 連續第四個月評比趨勢科技 PC-cillin 雲端版為「頂尖產品」PC-cillin 2017雲端版除針對勒索病毒提供「3+1多層式防護」外,更提供密碼管理、SSL 網站安全憑證偵測、以及社群隱私防護三大獨家功能,跨平台跨裝置全面保護消費者遠離威脅!!即刻免費下載
AV-TEST 連續第四個月評比趨勢科技 PC-cillin 雲端版為「頂尖產品」PC-cillin 2017雲端版除針對勒索病毒提供「3+1多層式防護」外,更提供密碼管理、SSL 網站安全憑證偵測、以及社群隱私防護三大獨家功能,跨平台跨裝置全面保護消費者遠離威脅!!即刻免費下載

09 Mar 2017

02 Nov 2016
his on-demand webinar - Your Wi-Fi Network is a Backdoor for Hackers - takes an in-depth look at the security implications of the growth of cloud Wi-Fi and BYOD, and the critical requirements for securing your network from the inside out.

13 Sept 2016
Accelerate App Development with Open Source PaaS.
Every business wants to do more with less, in addition to delivering applications and services faster. In order for developers to achieve those goals, they must be equipped with the proper tools to foster innovation.

04 Apr 2016

08 Mar 2016
Amazon’s latest Fire OS removes encryption, is rolling out at the worst possible time
Encryption technology has become an increasingly important feature for consumers in the wake of recent NSA paying revelations. People have only become more conscious of its value as the FBI and Apple continue their legal battle over an encrypted iPhone

29 Dec 2015
Big Data
Big data has already permeated our lives. Rather than boring you with the definition of big data and explaining what is Hadoop, let’s have a look at how big data is taking over the world, making significant impact in your daily live and businesses in Hong Kong.

10 Nov 2015
HK IT professionals   ITB to take prompt actions

Hong Kong IT professionals yesterday urged the upcoming Innovation and Technology Bureau (ITB) to take prompt actions upon its establishment, which is expected to be on November 20.


Risk-Free VDI with Tintri and Vmware
It’s easy to see the potential benefits of VDI, but actually realizing these benefits has been a real challenge for some organizations. And whether their VDI troubles have to do with costs, the end-user experience, or systems management, the problem can, many times, be traced back to storage performance.

Taking IT services to the hybrid level
With the maturing of public cloud services, more Hong Kong enterprises are seeing their IT environments extending from on premise to off premise. To match with their changing IT environments, local IT service providers are also integrating their traditional managed services offering to include the cloud environment.
Microsoft releases emergency patch for Windows Server
Microsoft today released one of its rare "out-of-band" security updates to patch a vulnerability in all versions of its Windows Server software.

Attackers have already exploited the underlying vulnerability, Microsoft acknowledged.

The update, designated MS14-068, was one of two bulletins that Microsoft withheld a week ago when it issued 14 other patch collections for Windows, Internet Explorer (IE) and Office. 

HKTV to launch online mall next month
HKTV has teamed up with Cisco and HKIX to develop OTT “shoppertainment” online platform HKTV Mall.
The service will use Cisco SDN-capable switches and the HKIX 100GE service to provide a one-stop shopping and entertainment experience for customers.
The platform integrates a 24-hour branded product online shopping mall with a continuous TV entertainment platform.

Synology NAS 軟體漏洞!
新的擄人軟體 SynoLocker 針對 Synology NAS 內的所有檔案加密進行勒索!
建議暫時關閉port forward 5000,5001,22,23同其他冇需要用到的port

微軟聲稱 No-IP 其下所有個 domain 嚴重被 malware  濫用, 因此要求聯邦法院將所有domain 的管轄權判給微軟, 好讓其可以 過濾 惡意網域, 重定向 惡意流量, 造福 廣大的網路用戶, 維繫 地球和平.



這絕對是史上最無恥的判決之一, 美國的法庭和微軟的無恥程度同樣讓人則目...

按照這個邏輯, apple 可以跟法庭主張 YouTube 上經常有人上傳侵權影片, 然後申請接管 YouTube.com, 接著就可以做一些 善意 的 traffic re-routing! 同理, 隨便一家作業系統廠商也可以跟法庭主張因為微軟的作業系統根本是 malware 溫床(事實如此), 所以要接管所有安裝了 Windows 系統的電腦?


PopVote get largest DDoS attack

Pop Vote  holding an online vote designed to gage the popularity of various proposed democratic reforms aimed at bringing about universal suffrage for the CE and Legislative Council, has been hit with an “immense” DDoS attack.

Windows 7 powers more than half of  PC
As Windows XP continued its decline, users who deserted the obsolete operating system shifted to Windows 7, not the newer Windows 8, more circumstantial evidence that commercial customers, not consumers, now drive PC sales.

HK government: e-Textbooks on average 30% cheaper
Hong Kong’s Education Bureau (EDB) released the Recommended e-Textbook List (eRTL) on Friday, listing the first batch of e-textbooks with quality assurance under Phase One of the e-Textbook Market Development Scheme (EMADS) for school use in the 2014/15 school year.


HK Goverment has gone live while the government has earmarked HK$242 million for the implementation of additional service on the platform in the coming 5 years.

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