Card Printer Repair Service

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                                                                                             Card Printer Repair Service

Extend Your Card Printer’s Life with Our Printer Repair & Diagnostic Services

Insight's technicians can diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair your ID Card Printer. Trained and certified by the leading ID card printing manufacturers, Insight’s expert technicians are available to:

--Install upgrades and/or replacement parts

--Handle warranty repairs

--Troubleshoot and repair problems to help extend your printer's life

--Perform routine maintenance

How Does the Printer Repair Service Work?

All repair work begins with a full printer diagnostic to assess your printer’s needs, which includes:

Card Printer Repair Service Zebra EVOLIS DATACARD

--Trouble shooting your printer problem

--A thorough printer cleaning

--A firmware upgrade, when applicable

--Minor repairs, at the technician's discretion

If we detect a malfunction, and it requires a minor repair - such as resetting a belt or removing debris - our technicians will make the minor correction for you without additional cost. These corrections are made at our technician's discretion.

If a more serious repair is needed, parts and labor costs will be calculated and submitted for your approval before any further work is done. Parts generally require 7-10 days delivery and, depending on the extent of repair, 3-5 days for the work to be performed.

Please call 2398 1908 for more detail

Card Printer Repair Service Zebra EVOLIS DATACARD