You need an Exchange Server when...

  • You want to share an office calendar
  • You need more storage space in your mailboxMicrosoft Exchange Server Setup
  • You need a spam filtering solution
  • You want to sync devices like iPad and iPhone with Outlook

Insight Computer  specializes in Exchange Server setup and server maintenance for businesses.

Exchange Server Setup - Computer Repair Services

Insight Computer specializes in Exchange Server setup and maintenance for businesses. Setting up Microsoft Exchange server requires a personal touch and field experience.

If your server is setup incorrectly, your network can be vulnerable or worse take your business down for several hours. We know how every minute counts to get your employees back to work fast. Contact us for a quote whether you need your server repaired, or you're planning a new network server setup.

Setting up and maintaining a server involves everything from backups to email. Ask us if an Exchange server is right for your  business. Remember, our technicians have had over 10 years experience in corporate IT. We can help you make the right decisions for your size business.

Examples of types of services we support our clients with:

  1. Purchasing the right server based on client needs (We are IBM Server Authorized Dealers)
  2. Setting up Shared Calendars
  3. Setting up new accounts for new employees on an existing server
  4. Closing old accounts for employees who have recently left the company
  5. Server Backups
  6. Configuring or setting up an email account
  7. Setting up a spam filtering & Email Anti-Virus solution

Here are some questions to consider when deciding on whether you need a server:

  1. Do you need to share an office calendar?
  2. Do you need more storage space in your mailbox?
  3. Are you already running Small Business Server with Exchange Integrated? Make sure all the features you're paying for are turned on.
  4. Do you need a spam filtering solution?
  5. Do you want to synchronize your email , calendar and contacts on all your devices (iPad, iPhone, Outlook, Android, Blackberry etc)?
  6. Send/Receive large size of attachment?
  7. Keep all sensitive email information at office?

Microsoft Exchange Server Setup