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INSIGHT COMPUTER COMPANY is a well-established IT products and services provider founded in 1993. Apart from a wide range of computer products, accessories, peripherals and software, we provide system support, networking and technical advises for educational institute, public organizations as well as corporate firms. With our experienced information technologist, we provide customized, cost-effective and professional services to meet your specific needs.

Established in 1993 as a leading edge IT consulting company, INSIGHT has gained a reputation as one of the foremost suppliers of IT consulting services to large and small organizations. Built on a wealth of business knowledge and technical expertise we have developed advanced and innovative business solutions for a number of blue chip clients as well as numerous smaller organizations and businesses.

In today's rapidly changing and highly competitive technology environment, it is imperative that a consultant is innovative, flexible, and willing to provide service beyond what has been asked -- that is the basis of our mission statement:
To provide innovative IT consulting expertise tailored to the specific needs of each client with an emphasis on integrity, and complete customer satisfaction.

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Our consultants are highly experienced and certified professionals in the industry. All of our consultants were certified with Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSEs).

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To consider an assignment for you, we will :
Treat all information in complete confidence.
Help you define clear objectives.
Provide most accurate assessment of costs before starting.

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Our excellent support team brings to clients full coverage of support services, from hardware and network to operating system and application software, to ensure system performs well.

Web Design   Hosting  computer network  computer repair  computer security  computer support
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